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Abutment: Part of a structure which supports the end of a span or accepts the thrust of an arch; often supports and retains the approach embankment

Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC): a means of rapidly constructing a bridge by building major bridge components off site and installing them quickly using heavy lifting equipment such as cranes.   ABC techniques reduce construction time and minimize other construction-related impacts by completing as much work off site as possible.

Bridge Rail: The part of the bridge structure that forms a longitudinal deck edge barrier.

Deck: The portion of the bridge that directly carries traffic.

Fascia: The fascia forms the outer edge of the bridge.

Substructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the superstructure and distributes all bridge loads to below-ground bridge footings. Substructure includes both abutments and piers.

Superstructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the deck and connects one substructure element to another.

Diagram of Bridge Cross Section


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