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Woodstock Village US Route 4 Bridge 51 over the Kedron Brook

Woodstock Village BF 020-2(43) over Kedron Brook

Woodstock Village US Route 4 Bridge 51 Fact Sheet

Project Location:

Village of Woodstock in Windsor County on US Route 4 over Kedron Brook. The bridge is located approximately 0.2 miles east of the intersection of US Route 4 and VT Route 106

Woodstock Village Bridge 51 is a Town-owned bridge identified as a historic resource within the Woodstock Village Historic District and is constrained by buildings on either side.

Constructed in 1935, the existing Bridge 51 is a single-span concrete T-beam bridge with an ornamental concrete parapet railing. The bridge is 34-feet in length and 56-feet in width and is skewed at 45 degrees. The existing substructure is currently in good condition while the deck and superstructure are only in fair condition. The bridge has substandard width and is hydraulically inadequate.

In 2015, VTrans completed an engineering study to evaluate alternatives for bridge rehabilitation or replacement. Several alternatives were considered including no action, superstructure patching, superstructure replacement and full bridge replacement. The engineering study recommended a superstructure replacement while maintaining traffic on an off-site detour. The study assessed the proposed design criteria for the bridge and roadway alignment, right of way impacts, hydraulics, and historical and archaeological resources.

The Woodstock Village Bridge 51 Project will replace the existing concrete T-beams with a new superstructure matching the existing geometry using Accelerated Bridge Construction methods. Prefabricated bridge structures will be used to reduce costs, onsite construction time and the duration of the bridge closure period.

The new superstructure will match the existing cross section and will have two 11-foot travel lanes and two 8-foot parking lanes on either side with sidewalks. The new bridge will feature an aesthetic concrete rail that meets historic and design requirements. Existing bridge seats will be cut down and new bridge seats will be cast-in-place to accommodate the new superstructure.

Project Milestones:

  • Spring 2017 - Final Design
  • Summer 2017- Bid Advertisement
  • Fall 2017 - Contract Award
  • April 2018 - Construction
Map of Detour

Construction Period Traffic Patterns:

The bridge will be closed for a 21 day period. During the bridge closure, traffic will be maintained on a detour route.

Local Detour:

US Route 4, to Pleasant Street, Elm Street, back to US Route 4 (0.56 mile end to end).

Regional Truck Detour:

US Route 4, to VT Route 12, US Route 5 (VT Route 12), VT Route 44, VT Route 106, back to US Route 4 (39.7 miles end to end). The local detour route is not appropriate for trucks due to geometric constraints and the volume of traffic on US Route 4.

VTrans Project Manager:

Rob Young, P.E.

Public Outreach Coordinator:

Annabelle Dally,