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Completed 2016

Woodstock VT Route 106 Bridge 24

Woodstock BRF 0151(21) over Kedron Brook

Woodstock VT Route 106 Bridge 24 - Project Factsheet

Project Location

Town of Woodstock in Windsor County on VT 106 over Kedron Brook. The bridge is located at mile marker 3.04 between intersections with Kendall Road and Bryant Road.

The Woodstock VT 106 Bridge 24 project will replace the existing bridge, which is in deteriorated condition and does not meet current design standards for curb-to-curb widths and hydraulics. The existing bridge is a 29-foot long single span concrete T-beam structure constructed in 1924.

The new bridge will be a precast concrete frame supported on cantilever abut-ments located behind the existing abutments. The new bridge will be con-structed with Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods on the existing alignment to minimize right-of-way, environmental, and utility impacts. The span of the bridge will be lengthened to approximately 45-feet to improve the hydraulic capacity of the structure. The replacement bridge will be 30 feet wide with two 11-foot travel lanes and 4-foot shoulders in each direction.

Local and through traffic along VT 106 will be impacted during construction and maintenance of traffic is a critical issue. VTrans evaluated alternatives for maintenance of traffic during construction in an engineering study completed in January 2013. The study considered construction duration and traffic, right-of-way, utility, and natural resource impacts. Two traffic maintenance options were considered, a short term bridge closure with an offsite detour, which would allow the new bridge to be constructed with ABC, and a temporary bridge. The engineering study recommended replacing the bridge with ABC with traffic maintained on an offsite detour during a 2 to 4 week short term road closure. This innovative approach will expedite construction through the use of precast elements, minimize impacts to adjacent wetlands, as well as minimize traffic disruptions while increasing the safety of the traveling public and construction workers.

Benefits of Accelerated Bridge

  • Reduced design and construc-tion duration
  • Reduced road user cost
  • Safer for workers and traveling public
  • Increased strength and quality of bridge components
  • Eliminates need for temporary bridge construction
  • Reduced impacts to:
    • Environmental Resources
    • Historical Resources
    • Utilities
    • Right-of-Way


Map of Detour

Target Construction Schedule:

The bridge will be replaced starting in April/May, 2016.


Miller Construction, Inc.

Low Bid:


VTrans Project Manager:

Rob Young, P.E., Project Manager

Detour Route:

During the 21 day bridge closure period scheduled to begin on May 12, 2016, traffic will be rerouted onto detour. This detour would reroute northbound VT 106 traffic east on VT 44, north on US 12, then west on US 4 to Woodstock.