Bridge Projects

Completed 2016

Weston VT Route 100 Bridge 98

Weston BF 013-2(13)

The Weston Vermont Route 100 Bridge 98 project will replace the existing bridge that was constructed in 1959 and has deteriorated due to age, use and winter maintenance activities.

Current Deficiencies include:

  • substructure is in poor condition
  • substandard width,
  • substandard approach and bridge railing,
  • scour concerns,
  • inadequate hydraulic capacity, and
  • is structurally deficient.

The new bridge will feature:

  • all new bridge elements and systems with an anticipated 80 year service life,
  • two 11' travel lanes and two 5' shoulders,
  • 3 rail box beam bridge and approach rail meeting current safety standards, and
  • greater hydraulic carrying capacity.

Project Schedule:

There will be a 21-day road closure from Friday, June 3 to Thursday, June 23, 2016 with periodic short-term single lane closures prior to and following the bridge closure.

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