Bridge Projects

Completed 2017

Ludlow VT 103 Bridge 25

BRF 025-1(42) over the Black River

Ludlow VT 103 Bridge 25 Fact Sheet

Project Location:

Village of Ludlow in Windsor County on VT 103 (Main Street -Town Highway 1) over the Black River. The bridge is located near the intersection with Elm Street.

The Ludlow VT 103 Bridge 25 project will replace the existing 2 span superstructure with a new single span structure that meets current design standards. The existing bridge, which was built in 1928, is 86’ in length with two 43’ spans. The two lane bridge has a curb-to-curb width of 23.8’ and 5’ sidewalks. The approach roadway width is approximately 33’, resulting in a difficult transition to the narrower bridge structure. The existing bridge is in fair condition with noticeable deterioration and spalling on all parts of the structure. Several safety issues were identified in the bridge inspection report including the bridge superstructure geometry, roadway approach transitions, and substandard approach roadway guardrail.

VTrans evaluated alternatives for replacement of Ludlow VT 103 Bridge in an engineering study completed in June 2010. The study assessed the proposed design criteria for the bridge and roadway alignment, utilities, natural resources and cultural resources, and hydraulics. Several alternatives were considered including no action, steel beam/concrete deck superstructure, precast/pre-stressed concrete box beam superstructure, and precast/pre-stressed concrete NEXT Beam superstructure. The study recommended full bridge replacement using Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) methods with an offsite detour.

The project will have a concrete deck. This method has the shortest construction duration of the alternatives and therefore will reduce impacts to the public. Other minor approach work includes paving, slabs, rail and sidewalks.

The new structure will have 11’ travel lanes and 4’-10” shoulders, and minimum 5’-0” sidewalks, which will improve sight distances and result in safer travel conditions. The bridge design will feature a Tenney Railing with a partial height concrete parapet with steel tubing for design consistency with the adjacent Ludlow Village Historic District.


The bridge will be closed for a 35 day period beginning June 10, 2017. Two weeks before and after the Bridge Closure Period, traffic will be maintained on the bridge with one-lane alternating traffic during the day time hours.

Detour Route:

During construction, a regional detour route will be signed using VT 103/VT 11/VT 100. The maximum length of the detour is 30 miles, which adds 18 miles to the current travel distance. A local route, which adds 0.7 miles to current travel distance, will also be signed. This local route, however, is not allowed for truck traffic. The local bypass involves residential streets and sharp turns that trucks may not be able to safely navigate.

From the North:

From VT 155 southbound traffic would take VT 100 toward Londonderry. Turn left onto VT 11 and continue toward Chester. Bear left onto VT 103 north. Traffic coming westward on VT 131 would turn left onto VT 103 and proceed southward to Chester. Turn right on VT 11 in Chester and turn right on VT 100 in Londonderry and travel northward towards Ludlow.

From the South:

Northbound traffic on VT 103 would turn left on VT 11 and travel westward toward Londonderry. In Londonderry, turn right on VT 100 toward Ludlow.


Cold River Bridges, LLC

Estimated Total Project Cost:


VTrans Project Manager:

Todd Sumner, P.E.

VTrans Resident Engineer:

Christopher D. Williams

Project Hotline:

(802) 496-3376